Mini Viking valknut knot with runes leather bound journal in Italian antiqued leather

Whether you're leaving the country, the city or just going out for the day this antiqued leather journal is the perfect companion. On the front is an etched valknut a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles. If you are an aspiring writer or love to sketch what you see during the day this book is made for you!

This gorgeous vintage style distressed leather is never the same twice. Every book has it's own unique characteristics making each an individual experience.

The leather pictured in the photographs is only an example of the type of leather you will receive in colour and variations. Also because all computers, tablets, tvs and phone screens are different the colour may be slightly different than the colour of the leather in the photographs.

The pages of this book are acid free WHEAT STRAW paper made from agricultural by products.
This paper is environmentally friendly made from sustainable by-products. Because it is made from wheat straw the texture is slightly different than regular paper and it has small particles of wheat in the paper. The pages are 21 lb , The book is 4.5 x 6 and there are 160 pages double sided. This book can be rebound as well.

Collections: The Leather Collection

Type: Journal

Vendor: Skrocki Design

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