Half sized Viking dragon scar plaque grave marker journal with antiqued leather.

Small Viking Dragon Scar Plaque Grave Marker leather journal on antiqued leather

Classically styled with a touch of antique this etched Italian leather journal is just what you have been looking for. Whether you're an aspiring poet, a seasoned writer or just looking for a way to keep organized this journal will be your perfect companion. Whether you're leaving the country, the city or just going out for the day this highly portable journal will be there to catch your next verse, plot twist or grocery list. This journal is also great for sketching while you relax at home or when you are on the go. Not only does this leather look amazing it also smells and feels amazing as well. The vintage distressed finish on the leather makes it very soft and the suede inner liner makes it feel as though it was lifted right out of history. The distressed, vintage style, leather is never the same twice. Every book has it's own unique characteristics making each an individual experience. 

• Story: Based on a great artifact, called a scar plaque, we encountered in the Orkney Islands this image is of a Viking dragon.
• Size: 4.5 x 6 Inches
• Leather: Antiqued Italian*
• Paper: Wheat Straw (21 lb)**
• Page Count: 160 writing / drawing surfaces
• Binding: Classic Medieval: can be re-bound when full
• Timeline to create: 5-7 business days. Please get in contact with us for rush orders (available on some items). If the item is in stock we can ship on short notice!
• Shipping: Shipping can be upgraded to include a tracking number (please contact us)
• Additional Info: The paper can be changed to 24 lb lined page in drop down menu.
• Monograming: You can optionally add your initials for an additional fee. Please click the following link and add to the cart or find it listed under supplies. https://www.etsy.com/listing/225908040/your-initials-listing-in-the-antique

*The leather pictured in the photographs is only an example of the type of leather you will receive in colour and variations. Also because all computers, tablets, tvs and phone screens are different the colour may be slightly different than the colour of the leather in the photographs. 

**Wheat Straw paper is acid free and made from agricultural by products. This paper is environmentally friendly made from sustainable by-products. Because it is made from wheat straw the texture is slightly different than regular paper and it has small particles of wheat in the paper.

Why We Make Books:
Books have been used for centuries to chronicle every aspect of human life and knowledge but one of the most important things books have captured over time are the stories and spirit of those who poured themselves into the pages. Our books capture the romanticism of the classic journal or artists pad by employing a classic binding, high quality leather, and blank pages to beckon the imagination. Our collection dives deeper still into the owners life as each piece is created to be a stand-alone functional piece of artwork which can be filled with treasures from their minds, hearts and lives. As works of art they can be displayed prominently on a shelf or coffee table to create an eye-catching feature. Drawing from our love of travel and the classical era these books are intended to be taken into the moments that define people and used as the scribe to capture the events of the day or maybe of a life time. The acid free pages are ideal for writing, drawing, sketching, photographs, keepsakes, souvenirs, and more. Each book can have new pages added if the user wishes to keep using the jacket or would like to add their own preferred papers in.

Notes from the studio:

How we make our pieces:
Each book in this series is etched with our own custom images. Each image etched onto these books is an original created from our inspirations, which include: fantasy, travelling to ancient ruins, history and mythology. Made from supple, antiqued Italian leather the books in this series come in either large or small sizes. This leather cannot be dyed but there are variations between the hides giving each piece its own unique characteristics. This leather is ethically sourced as a byproduct of the food industry. The acid free wheat straw pages are great for: writing, drawing, sketching, pen, pencil, etc. The classic bind used on these books gives an elegant old-world finish and allows the user or local book-binding clubs to easily rebind the book with any type of paper. 

* Note: The distressed, vintage style, leather is never the same twice. Some hides are lighter or darker or have different variations in the antiqued pattern while maintaining the same consistent high quality. Every book has it's own unique characteristics making each an individual experience. These variations add a beautiful texture and character to each piece. Also each piece of leather, like wood, is different and has its own characteristics. These are not considered flaws.


Optional lined paper available available on scroll down. 

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