2 pack Half sized skull hand carved leather bound journals

This is for a 2 pack of half sized skull leather bound journals. With this option you get 

1. Two half sized skull journals

2. Any of the colours available on the swatch (one colour per a book insides are black)

3. Initials on each book (You can get one for yourself and one for someone else)

These leather bound journals have been hand carved, dyed and hand bound with thick card stock paper. The eyes and nose have been cut out on these journals. 

This skull book was hand crafted by Edmonton artist Amy Skrocki (Paragon of Design of Skrocki). The casing for this book was created from top quality leather, hand carved, hand dyed, and hand bound. The book can be rebound when you have filled the pages as well, so the case can be used for a long time. We try to create the pieces we always hoped to find, in this way we have created truly one of a kind pieces that no one else will have.

The pages of this book are acid free WHEAT STRAW paper made from agricultural by products.
This paper is environmentally friendly made from sustainable by-products. Because it is made from wheat straw the texture is slightly different than regular paper and it has small particles of wheat in the paper. The pages are 21 lb , The book is 4.5 x 6 and there are 160 pages double sided. This book can be rebound as well.

Each item comes with a care card and authentication card.

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