Custom Loki Cufflinks for Wes

This is a custom listing for Wes for a pair of Loki Snake Cufflinks.

- we will design and make the cufflinks from Jewellers brass

- the design will be based historic images of Jörmungandr as featured in picture 1 above

- we will oxidize the metal to antique the surface and make the image clearer. 

- we will add black colouring to the front and back of the cufflinks

- the cufflinks will be made individually and will each be soldered

- each cufflink will be about 2x1.9 cm x 1.8 cm (3/4x6/8 inches) - similar to example pair in the pictures above

- we will contact Wes when the cufflinks are complete and arrange a pickup time and location (possibly at a farmers market)

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