Custom Listing for Tyrel - Wolf Mask

This is a custom listing for a Wolf Mask for Tyrel.

This is the first of 2 listings: this listing is just for a Deposit as the final cost of the mask remains unknown since it is a new design. However, the cost of the mask will fall within the budget of $300-500 CND.

***This Listing is in USD***

- This mask will be an original design inspired by the images provided by Tyrel and also my own dragon mask.

- The mask will be entirely made from high quality Vegetable tanned leather

- I will cut, hand sculpt, and hand dye the mask.

- I will design the mask to have a snarled expression as requested

- I will hand paint, with specialty leather paints, high lights onto the mask to add points of interest and give a sense of realistic features

- The colour scheme will be, as discussed: grey, silver and black. The highlight paint will be blue as requested.

- I removed shipping for this Deposit listing. We can add shipping to the final listing if required.


Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Paragon of Design by Skrocki

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