About Us

Paragon of Design by Skrocki consists of Amy and Tanner Skrocki, who have been creating works of art in a variety of mediums (Metal, Leather, Fabrics, Paper, & Wood) since 2008. “Paragon of Design by Skrocki - a design house featuring wearable art inspired by artifacts, fantasy and passion…[gives] us a glimpse into the fine art of hard work and the hard work of fine art.” – T8N Magazine.

Paragon of Design by Skrocki has been showcased at more than 300 art, craft shows and markets throughout Western Canada and twice at the Golden Globe gifting suites in L.A., California. 

Amy and Tanner have no formal art or craft training and are largely self-taught developing their own techniques, tools and patterns.

Each metal piece is hand created without moulds in our studio using precious metals and the highest quality brass and copper. Working with sheet metal and wire Amy and Tanner use traditional and modern metal – smithing and blacksmithing techniques to form each piece.

Their leather work is also created using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques. The leather is ethically sourced as a by product of the farming industry and is tanned using environmentally safe vegetable and tree bark tannins.

For our photography; following the creation of the wearable art pieces a visual concept is drafted, set design and construction completed, and a model selection is done for each photo-shoot with the intention of giving life to the overall concept and character(s) therein. A creative photo shoot is then completed capturing the raw imagery, which will become the basis of the digital imagery output from the last stage. Finally, each image is carefully edited using a variety of digital tools but also custom artistic elements such as Amy’s original hand painted overlays (transferred into Photoshop) to create a unique visual blend and, thereby, creating Amy’s own digital artwork / photographic style. Prominent photographers have described Amy’s digital artwork stylistically as “textured, rich and decadent.”

Amy’s digital artwork follows a similar path to her other physical art works in that it incorporates a variety of mediums to create a unique interdisciplinary output. Amy’s hand painted overlays are physically created before being transferred into Photoshop to be layered into the photos. Additionally, many of the original design elements ap­pearing in Amy’s other works are used as overlays and accents in her photos intimately drawing all of her work together. 

To learn more about our processes and inspiration visit our blog.

 In 2014 Paragon of Design by Skrocki put on hold creating metal wall art and started to focus more on wearable art, fashion belts, purses and clutches as well creating leather corsets. 

Many “looks” seen in photo shoots or runway pictures represent a character with a story behind it. Often a full line of jewelry, accessories, journals, guitar straps etc. are created to go with the character.

“The latest show for their brand, Paragon of Design by Skrocki, during Western Canada Fashion Week in March, was a fantasy drama, complete with an imagined world, stunning visuals, a synopsis for the audience, a whole cast of characters and a smoke machine.

“We write stories together and character sketches, and we try to develop pieces that we feel embody those characters,” says Tanner. “We gave everyone on the runway a little bit of an idea and insight into their character.” *


Tanner Wilson Skrocki, Bcom: Business Contact, Artist, Designer, Metal Smith, Leather Smith, Etching Specialist

Tanner Wilson Skrocki- My artistic endeavors began as a young child who opted for extra curricular drawing, painting and clay sculpture classes to fill my evenings. Later I would develop an interest in wood working before moving on to graphic design work for which I took formal studies in Adobe. At this time I was also composing music with my hobby band, writing poetry, and was the main contributor, graphic designer and editor for a fanzine focusing on independent music.

My love of travel, history and diverse heritage fuel my contributions to the designs. 

Tanner & Amy 


Seraphim Marie Skrocki

Seraphim Marie- Inspiring a wide variety of new pieces, even before she was born, our daughter Seraphim Marie has broadened the scope of our design aspirations and, at the same time, helped create a renewed depth and focus. Throughout the course of our relationship the name and theme of Seraphs have continually arose making this expression of beauty standout to us as we reflect on our lives to date. During our travels we encountered many striking Seraphim in a diverse array of locations which served to tie this unique and elegant theme together as the perfect name for our daughter. 


   Necklace inspired by the ceiling of "The Church of the Spilled Blood" in St. Petersburg. There were many beautiful Seraphim flying around the ceiling in this church.